AAI claims that some unknown agencies are operating fake recruitment drive through unauthenticated means

Guwahati: Airports Authority of India (AAI) has warned against a fake recruitment campaign for jobs at the Rupsi airport in Dhubri.

In a statement addressed to the media AAI alerts people to be aware of fraud agencies and not to get misled. “It is brought to the notice of AAI officials at Rupsi Airport that some unknown agencies are operating fake recruitment drives through unauthenticated online/offline means for jobs at Rupsi Airport under the Airports Authority of India (AAI),” informed the AAI in its statement.

The statutory body responsible for managing civil aviation infrastructure in India has mentioned that a similar warning against fake recruitment was issued last year as well.

“Despite our regular notices, campaigns and publications, such news are rumouring around the airport area which is completely misleading and fake,” said the statutory body.

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AAI feels that the renovation of the Rupsi Airport has caught the attention of many youngsters who have enquired for employment opportunities at the airport.

At Rupsi, it has been claimed by AAI that it is occurring regularly and stakeholders have complained about the same. “People have approached airport authorities at Rupsi asking for jobs and upon inquiry we came to realise that some fake recruitment agency is at work,” says Mahboob Ahmed, in charge, Rupsi airport.

AAI also clarifies that for any recruitment or job opening, people can check their official website (www.aai.aero).

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In addition, AAI also mentioned that they do not have any agencies or consultancies which are hiring or recruiting people using AAI’s name and logo for jobs at newly constructed Rupsi Airport.

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