Prime Minister Narendra Modi Credit: Twitter

Prime minister of India Narendra Modi’s personal account on Twitter was hacked on September 3 where a series of tweets were sent out by a hacker claiming to be ‘John Wick’ who later informed some of the national media that the intention of the hack was to clear their name in a separate breach involving a popular e-commerce website.

Soon after the Twitter account of Narendra Modi was hacked, a series of tweets were sent out urging people to donate to a cryptocurrency wallet claimed to be linked to “PM National Relief Fund”.

“There is no other intention to hack this account. Recently fake news of our name saying PayTM mall [was] hacked by us. So we have sent email to all news publishers in India [that] it’s not us, no one replied, so we decided to post something,” said the hacker who responded to the media from the email address that was posted in one of the tweets after the hack. The tweets posted on the Twitter profile have since then been taken down.

According to Twitter, the company is aware of the hack and have taken immediate steps to secure the compromised account. “We’re aware of this activity and have taken steps to secure the compromised account. We are actively investigating the situation. At this time, we are not aware of additional accounts being impacted” said Twitter in a statement.

On being asked on how did they gain access to the Twitter account, the hackers did not respond on how they carried out the attack but screenshots of the hack suggest that tweets were made using a 3rd party app called “narendramodi_tweets_apps.”

The hackers also clarified that the hack was carried out by breaking into the website and not into the Twitter account. The hackers said that the website was not secure at all.

“They have to increase the security and invest in people like us,” said the hacker while replying to queries sent by media over email.

Recently, cyber security firm Cyble reported that hackers named John Wick was able to get unrestricted access to the complete databases of PayTM mall. The e-commerce website later issued a statement claiming that it was investigating into the matter and assured that all the user data are safe.

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