Allegedly she felt "too hot" inside the flight when it landed

One must have always witnessed the flurry of human activities that gets its ignition whenever a plane lands. While some are already in their way to get out of the flight, others start lining up and some start to get their hand baggage out of the overhead cabin.

Although one can chalk these as an effect of frustration, anxious to get off the flight (all while the cabin crew shouts to remain seated) this woman from Ukraine took 100 steps ahead when she decided to open the emergency exit of Boeing 737-86N and walked on the wing of the plane.

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The woman who happens to be a mother of two allegedly felt “too hot” when her flight landed in Kyiv, Ukraine. In an effort to “get some air” she decided to casually walk on the wings. A video shot from the runway clearly shows how casual was her walk as she stomped the wing of the Boeing craft before turning around to enter the cabin.

According to a man who witnessed the scene said that the woman decided to walk on the wing when almost all the passengers have already deboarded the flight. He added that she walked almost all the way from the tail to the emergency exit row to open the emergency door and went out to “get some air” in the wing. Additionally, the two children of the woman were standing right next to the witness and shocked said, “This is our mom.”

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What’s more interesting is that when questioned by the cops the woman was unable to explain her reason behind the shocking behavior. Even her tests showed that she was not drunk or on drugs. However, following the incident, the woman was barred from flying in Ukraine International Airlines as stated by reports.

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