The reptile had allegedly crawled into her mouth without her realising Credit: EastMojo image

What is the worst thing one can imagine to have accidentally found its way into their stomach? Whatever that maybe none can surely cross as what this woman from Russia had faced.

In a horrifying and shocking footage that has been doing its viral rounds on Twitter shows a four feet snake being surgically removed from a Russian woman’s mouth. The reptile had allegedly crawled into her mouth without her realising.

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The incident happened at Levashi village in Dagestan, Russia when the woman was sleeping in the house yard. It was there that the snake had crawled inside her. When she woke up she complained of feeling unwell and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

The doctors knew that there was something inside her and hence she was put under general anesthesia. The doctors via a tube were seen in the video trying to pull something out of her mouth. Once the end of the snake became visible the doctors could be seen livid in fear-some even shrieked at the never seen before occurrence.

The video can be watched here but a disclaimer alert for those who feel queasy

It cannot be ascertained just from the video whether the snake was dead or alive when it was being pulled out but the doctors without taking any unnecessary risk dragged the snake out completely and discarded it in a wastebin.

According to reports, such incidents are common in the village and hence people have been warned repeatedly not to sleep outside. Last weekend a similar incident from China was reported when doctors had to remove a five-inch long worm from the head of a 23-year-old Chen. He reportedly had the parasite living inside his head for 17 years.

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