Tweets reveal that the earphones will be launched on the 2nd of September 2020 Credit: Twitter image

Just a couple weeks after the release of the Realme Buds Classic entry-level earphones, Realme’s biggest rival in India; Xiaomi, through a sub brand called Redmi has given snippets of their latest launch online, which is the much expected higher quality wired headphones.

Earphones complement smartphones and provide a variety of functions to users. There is an increasing market for these devices; everyone wants a product that will offer an even better experience than their previous product. Little wonder why the two biggest names in the smartphone industry in India are getting in on the action.

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Redmi India tweeted out two small teaser videos. Apart from offering hints on the design and features of the wired earphones, the tweets reveal that the earphones will be launched on the 2nd of September 2020. The first clip, lasting for 23 seconds, included a main hashtag – #WiredForEverything – which was trended immediately. The video shows important features of the device like an in-line microphone.

These microphones completely confirm that these earphones are indeed wired. The video also shows an excerpt of the outline of the ear buds and the 90 degrees angled connector measuring about 3.5mm. In addition, the released videos by Redmi offered an idea into the range of colours that these earphones might come in. They include; red, blue, black and orange. Redmi also displays the introduction of silicone tips to aid passive noise cancellation.

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The short promotional video also shows a manual weighing scale. Redmi boasts of the light weight feature of the new earphones, which they say is lighter than usual. Redmi ran the tagline “Just 13 grams lighter than air” with the product. This to many will be the selling point of Redmi’s device, heavy and cumbersome Earphones are uncomfortable to use.

Comparing both the Realme Buds Classic entry-level earphones with Redmi’s new release showed several surprising contrasts. The Realme Buds Classic entry-level earphones come with 14.2mm for drivers while Redmi’s earphones come with 10mm drivers.

While Redmi’s earphones come with a range of colours, on the other hand the Realme earphones come in white or black colour options only. The earphones have a built in microphone and a sizable remote to directly control play and pause.

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