State's tally spiked to 4003 Credit: My Gov Nagaland

Kohima: With 53 more persons testing positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, the state’s tally for confirmed cases of COVID-19 spiked to 4003. In 100 days, COVID-19 cases in Nagaland crossed the 4,000-mark.

Out of the new cases, 29 persons are through traced contacts, 11 are armed force personnel, eight are returnees and five are frontline workers. Among the traced contacts, 16 are from Kohima and 13 are from Mon.

Among the armed forces, nine are from Dimapur and two are from Kohima. All eight returnees are from Kohima and the remaining five are frontline workers from Kohima.

A total of 31 from Kohima, 13 from Mon and nine from Dimapur tested positive on Tuesday taking the total number of confirmed cases to 4003. The new cases were tested as positive out of 674 samples that were tested.

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Case segregation of new COVID-19 cases

Meanwhile, Nagaland health minister S Pangnyu Phom took to twitter to inform that another 133 COVID-19 patients recovered from COVID-19. Among the new recovered cases, 77 are from Dimapur, 51 are from Kohima, three are from Mon and two are from Tuensang.


Out of 674 results received, 53 +ve cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed. 31 in Kohima 13 in Mon 9 in Dimapur.

Also State reports 133 recoveries of COVID-19 patients. 77 in Dimapur, 51 in Kohima, 3 in Mon & 2 in Tuensang,” the minister tweeted.

Although a man from Dimapur was tested positive in Guwahati on April 12, the first cases of COVID-19 were detected in Nagaland on May 25 when three returnees from Tamil Nadu tested positive for COVID-19.

Since then, Nagaland has witnessed a daily spike in the number of COVID-19 cases on a single day basis, except on June 1 and June 18 when no single case has been detected on a single day.

Nagaland reported the first recovered cases on June 6 when eight persons from Dimapur recovered and were discharged from the hospital. Ever since, a total of 3191 patients recovered from COVID-19.

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However, the total number of recovered cases continues to surpass the total number of active cases in the state.

The current COVID-19 status in Nagaland is:

Confirmed: 4003

Active: 794

Recovered: 3191

Death: 8

Migrated: 9

Besides the eight confirmed deaths of COVID-19, one death is COVID-19 positive but not due to COVID-19. Another three deaths are under investigation. All deaths reported in the state are from Dimapur. The mortality rate in Nagaland is 0.21%.

Out of the total 4003 cases, 1703 are armed force personnel, 1268 are returnees, 744 are through traced contacts and 288 are frontline workers.

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