The oil and gas company has assured that there is no shortage of domestic LPG cylinders in Northeast for consumers

Guwahati: Indian Oil has dismissed fears of scarcity of LPG cylinders in the market because of a reported strike by North East Packed LPG Transporter Association (NEPTA).

The oil and gas company assured in a statement issued on Friday that there is no shortage of domestic LPG cylinders in Northeast for consumers.

The company further added that they are yet to receive any strike notice from any of its transporters and that it would be against the law to go on strike without notice with LPG being an essential commodity.

“As on date, the backlog of LPG delivery in the region has reduced to less than 48 hours as compared to March this year when the backlog was over 10 days,” said the public sector undertaking (PSU).

This is despite the LPG bottling plants not operating at full capacity, the PSU added.

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The company has also praised the effort of the LPG bottling plants and channel partners to ensure delivery risking infection in the ongoing pandemic.

On the trifle with transporters, Indian Oil stated, “The NEPTA had expressed their discontent at the packed LPG transportation tender ex-LPG plants of Assam recently floated by Indian Oil.”

The objections of the association as mentioned by the company were regarding the rates, the location from where the tender was floated, introduction of higher capacity trucks, demand for equal treatment to all distributors and transporters and timeline for submission of documents.

According to the explanation offered by the company NEPTA was invited for discussion on August 26 and then again on August 27 to raise their concerns but the transporters expressed their inability to attend the meetings.

Indian Oil clarified that publishing of the tender is done online to promote digital processing of tenders without any human intervention.

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“This will maintain the transparency and increase the ease of doing business as envisioned. All administrative actions for the tenders as well as all post-tender formalities that require direct communication between Indian Oil and the transporters shall be carried out in the state office headquartered at Guwahati and verification of truck documents will be done in the respective LPG Plants,” the statement added.

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