The woman gave birth to a baby boy at district hospital Churachandpur

Imphal: For years, residents of Manipur, especially those living in far-flung areas, have faced hardships due to lack of proper roads, leading to several accidents and fatalities. People living in remote places have had to live with it amid the lack of most basic facilities.

In yet another disheartening incident, a full-grown pregnant woman, 24, who required medical care, was carried on a bamboo stretcher by the locals on their shoulders. They walked for around 80 km before reaching the nearest hospital for treatment due to poor road connectivity. The incident happened early on Thursday, said reports.

As per reports, due to non-availability and improper functioning of the dispensary at Henglep sub-division in Churachandpur district, villagers were compelled to carry the woman who was in labour and needed emergency medical assistance.

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Initially, the family members were preparing for delivery at home. However, they changed their plan after the woman’s condition got deteriorated, reports said.

A video that has now gone viral shows a group of locals carrying the woman in labour on a stretcher while crossing various rough patches of roads and mudslides along the hilly terrain due to poor road connectivity.

Fortunately, the woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy with the help of the medical team at the district hospital in Churachandpur, reports said.

The incident is not a one of its kind, similar incidents have been reported in the past due to poor road condition and connectivity in most rural areas in the state.

Earlier, another pregnant woman from Dunong village in Tamenglong district was carried on a stretcher by local youths while trailing the narrow path for almost 54 km before reaching the nearest PHC.

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