Sushant Singh Rajput with Rhea Chakraborty

Guwahati: Actress and VJ Rhea Chakraborty has been in the eye of the storm over the recent death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. She has been charged with abetment to suicide and now facing a media trial.

Mumbai Police, Bihar Police, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Enforcement Directorate (ED), and now the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) all have been investigating the case.

After maintaining silence for several days, Chakraborty, in an interview with senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, has now finally broken her silence and spilled the beans on the allegations and the entire controversy.

Chakraborty was last seen at Sushant Singh Rajput’s residence on June 8.

When questioned what happened on the day Chakraborty left the actor’s residence, she said, “It was June 2nd or 3rd, he [Rajput] had asked me to leave the house. I too wasn’t keeping well and was experiencing anxiety attacks. On June 8, I had a therapy session scheduled but he had allegedly asked me to get out of the house. I did not want to do the therapy session from my parents’ house as I did not want my family members to see me in this state.”

“He wanted me to leave before his sister arrived home,” added Chakraborty.

Chakraborty agreed, as she and Rajput’s family didn’t share a cordial bond. “I was distraught and upset by the fact that he neither called me again nor wanted me back in his life. I assumed, it might have been due to my health problems,” she said.

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Clarifying about the ‘infamous texts’ between her and director-producer Mahesh Bhatt, she stated that she was mentally disturbed and wanted to seek advice from him [Bhatt] as she considered him as a father figure. According to Chakraborty, Bhatt treats her like his child. “His daughter [Alia Bhatt] and I are of the same age. This pure relationship has been misconstrued to something else altogether.”

Chakraborty confessed that she was well aware of Rajput’s illness. While on a trip that went awry due to Rajput’s alleged episodes, she asked him about it.

“He told me that in 2013 he suffered through a depressive episode and had to seek professional help. He was doing fine but at times had anxiety attacks. However, during the trip, he felt anxious and depressed to such an extent that we had to cut short the trip,” she noted.

Chakraborty was accused of further saturating Rajput’s illness to which she said that he had been admitted to Hinduja for treatment under Dr. Percy Chawda. As per Chakraborty’s statement, one of the major reasons for Rajput’s depression is that he was not able to live with his mother, who also struggled with mental illness.

Chakraborty denies giving Rajput any medical drugs and the medicines he was consuming were based on doctor’s prescriptions. “We worked through their illness together. So speculations about me forcing him into depression are baseless,” she firmly noted.

Additionally, Chakraborty revealed that Rajput was not close to his father as he left his wife [Raput’s biological mother] at a young age and as a kid, it bothered him. She also claimed that before she met Rajput, he hadn’t spoken with his father for five years.

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‘Living off Sushant’ was another allegation that Chakraborty faced, to which she said that the Paris trip was booked by Shein (clothing brand) for a fashion show. It was Rajput who had the idea of making a Europe trip out of it; he cancelled all the company-booked facilities and reserved themselves first-class tickets. He even paid for the hotels as well.

Chakraborty believed that Rajput liked to live a king-sized life and that she had a problem in the amount he was spending. “A year or two ago, he along with six other friends went on a Thailand trip. There he took a private jet and spent around Rs 70lakh for the entire trip. So no, I was not living off his money. We were living like a couple,” she said.

Speaking of Rajput buying her a flat in Panvel, Chakraborty said, “The property I own in Kher is a small flat, and I am still paying the EMIs. These are all baseless allegations.”

Moreover, as for the allegations of Chakraborty insisting to be casted in Rajput’s films, she said, “One can ask Rumi Jaffery for the real truth. We were supposed to do a play, but since he [Rajput] was a star; working on a play wasn’t feasible for him. One day we were sitting at Water Field and watching Govinda’s Hero No 1, and then he said he wished to do a film like this. He got in touch with Jaffery and told him his plans to be the hero of the film and I would play the lead actress. Things worked out, and he accepted the signing amount. This was the very reason that he had Rs 15 crore in his account. He was very excited. And I too was happy because it meant that he was getting better and signing new films.”

Chakraborty also denied the allegations of being involved in drug business, the hard drives being destroyed, her controlling his life to the point that she changed his staff, and also she being a part of the Bollywood gang. “How can I be a part of a big Bollywood gang if I am a struggling actress?” she questioned.

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When asked if Rajput was a victim of nepotism, Chakraborty said, “Sanjana Sanghi had alleged that he [Rajput] harassed her, and those #MeToo allegations haunted him. Sanghi hadn’t given any clarification; she finally came out 1.5 months later, but that destroyed his mental sanity.”

Furthermore, Chakraborty said that from Kedarnath to Sonchiriya, Rajput’s films did really well in the box office but he wasn’t given his due. Chakraborty, like many, also felt that he was targeted. “These fake articles, the fake #MeToo allegation, all worked systematically to ruin his career. Like what is happening to me; how I am being targeted. Today I understand better what he was going through,” she added.

Talking about the investigations by Mumbai Police and the allegation of them diverting the case to a different direction, Chakraborty said they were doing a good job and that she had a hard time too. “It has been said that they were very friendly to me, no they weren’t. “

Chakraborty admitted that she was speaking to Bandra DCP before she was accused of the unnatural death of Rajput. “I was there only for my own safety; to speak about the rape and death threats I was receiving at that time.”

Chakraborty also clarified that she has no links with Aditya Uddhav Thackeray. “I don’t know him. It’s my friend Anaya Udhas, whose number I saved as AU, and that has been misconstrued as Aaditya Uddhav.”

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Chakraborty in the interview concluded by saying that she fully believes in the CBI and that they will do a good job in bringing both Rajput’s and her name out of the cesspool of misinformation. “I am sitting here in front of you. I am just a girl who loved a boy. That is the honest truth. I am broken but I will fight on. Despite all this, I cannot ever regret loving him. I know he is here, he is watching over. I want the truth to be out,” she said.

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