Miss Nagaland 2019 Vikuonuo Sachu sanitizing a public place in Kohima

Kohima: Reigning Miss Nagaland title holder Vikuonuo Sachu joined locals in Kohima to clean the streets on Wednesday under the ‘beauty with a purpose’ theme.

An official update from the Beauty and Aesthetic Society of Nagaland said that the cleanliness drive was organised with the Peraciezie Youth Organization & Lower Bayavü Youth Organization at the high school junction, Kohima.

As the beauty queen joined the cleanliness drive, Sachu said: “We cannot make this pandemic a reason to stop working but rather find an opportunity to work with discipline”.

“Community work is not just done for the sake of having a title in the society but a self dedication that an individual should celebrate in serving,” she said.

Miss Nagaland 2019 Vikuonuo Sachu along with the others in Kohima

According to her, the only way to prevent the virus is to maintain proper hygiene. “I think it is high time that we bring our words into action. We understand that Keeping ourselves clean is important but we neglect the fact that the route that we pass by can also contain unhealthy properties that can come along with us,” she said.

Sachu also said that with the help of Peraciezie Youth Organization & Lower Bayavü Youth Organization members, sanitizing and cleaning the entire High School Junction area was ensured.

“We basically chose to clean this area because it is one of the most crowded and a very popular market place here in Kohima,” she added.

Miss Nagaland 2019 Vikuonuo Sachu

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