Joydat Konwar in his farm Credit: Bidyut Mahanta

Naharkatia: Joydat Konwar is a well-known farmer and nature lover in Assam. In 1987, he established a garden named, ’Aanaj-Kanon’, in his village, Rajgarh Rangoli, of Tingkhong in Dibrugarh district. The garden has now become a popular tourist attraction.

The garden has been attracting a large number of locals as well as foreign tourists. In addition, school and college students also visit Aanaj-Kanon for field-based study and research.

The natural beauty of the orchards in the inner part of the district is enhanced by the variety of fruits, trees, herbs and plants, and the large size of the ponds. Along with Assam Agricultural University, many leading agricultural scientists and researchers from leading universities of the country have been conducting field studies to Konwar’s orchards, highly appreciating his work.

Konwar has recently created a botanical garden with almost 40 species of rare medicinal plants on about 40 bighas of land. Some of these plants are known to be used as antidote to various chronic diseases, including cancer.

Also known as a successful small tea grower in the region, Konwar has a huge pond in about 7 bighas of land. According to Konwar, the fish in the pond has been generated a lot of income every year. “Last year, I sold fish worth more than Rs 8 lakh,” he added.

The pond is home to a variety of local fishes such as Rohu, Bahu, Chital, Roopchanda, Cross etc. Alike previous years, about 1.5 quintals of different fingerlings of fish have been found in the pond this year.

There are 14 rows of coconut trees on the four bank of the huge pond. This coconut tree produces a large quantity of coconuts. Coconuts are being sold locally and are making huge profits every year. Nature lover Joydat Konwar is scientifically rearing bees by placing honey bees under hundreds of coconut trees on the banks of the pond.In addition, this rare exotic bird called ‘EMU’ is attracting the attention of all by keeping it.

There is a beautiful nursery of various fruits, flowers, trees and shrubs in the garden.This nursery is home to a variety of endangered plants as well as flowers, fruits, etc.In addition to this, Aanaj-Kanon has a lemon orchard with about seven bighas of land. Various varieties of Lemon found here like Kazi Nemu, Zara Nemu, Bira Nemu, Barjara Nemu, Ilachi Nemu, Balaji Nemu, Bitle Nemu, Sugandhi Nemu, Calcutta Kazi Nemu etc. This orchard produces a large quantity of Kazi Nemu (Lemon) every year. This produced Kazi Nemu Tenga is benefiting by selling locally.

Along with these lemon (Nemu Tenga) about a dozen different types of banana tree have been planted on five bighas of land.In addition, there are more than 500 areca nut trees. This areca nut tree produces a considerable amount of areca nut. It is benefiting from the sale of large quantities of areca nut every year.

On the other hand,a variety of fruit-bearing root trees abound in the garden like mango, jackfruit,different types of berries, pineapple etc.

Joydat Konwar is also involved in the cultivation of valuable Sanchi trees and has planted a large number of Sanchi trees. It has been able to make a commercial profit by planting local Chajina trees as well as improved Chajina trees.Ideal farmers are raising ducks, chickens, Jersey cows and pigs. Many pigs die of African swine flu this year.

He was saddened to tell that about Rs 10 lakh has been lost because of the swine flu. Joydat Konwar seem to be quite shocked by this huge loss.

Unlike last year, this year’s ducks, chickens and Jersey cows were not reared. These will be reared in future like past years, he said. Joydat Konwar has recently focused on rural tourism.

A two-storied with air-conditioned facility building has been built near to his house in the village, incense shelter for tourists. The tourist lodge has arranged traditional food storage in the residential area.

Joydat Konwar said that he would launched his own web site soon. Joydat Konwar have been encouraged by his wife Bimala Konwar. Joydat Konwar has been awarded by the Dibrugarh district administration with the “Adarsh ​​Krishak Award” in the recent past.

In addition, various social organizations and institutions has been specially honored him time to time. Joydat Konwar’s “Aanaj Kanon” is a shining example of self-reliance in agriculture, animal husbandry and much more.

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