Phuldungsei village is located along the border of Tripura and Mizoram Credit: Representational image

Agartala: Three organisations, including a political party, have demanded deployment of security forces along Phuldungsei village to prevent encroachment by the Mizoram government in the near future.

The reaction from the indigenous leaders came three days after 130 residents of Phuldungsei village residing along Tripura-Mizoram were found having their names enrolled in the electoral rolls of Zampui Phuldungsei under Hacchek constituency of Mizoram.

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The three organisations include The Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA), Tripura United Indigenous Peoples Council (TUIPC) and Tripura People’s Front (TPF).

Earlier on Friday, TIPRA chairman and royal scion Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman demanded an investigation and strict measures to ensure no territory is seen as part of Mizoram.

“We want an investigation on how ppl can hold 2 voting cards for separate states. We demand that our state govt take strict measures to ensure that no territory is seen as a part of another state. A police outpost in Phuldungsei be set up to clearly show that this village belongs to us,” he tweeted.

The indigenous leaders also accused the Mizoram government of ruling the Phuldungsei village committee, which is a part of Tripura.

“We demand the Tripura government to write to its counterpart informing the matter and take legal action against the matter,” TUIPC chairman Ranjit Debbarma said.

Leaders of three indigenous organization demands security forces deployment along Tripura-Mizoram border

Meanwhile, when contacted, Mizoram’s Mamit deputy commissioner Dr Lalrozama he said that as per the state election commission the eastern part of the Phuldungsei villages traditionally belong to Mizoram.

“We had started preparing the electoral roll in the Phuldungsei village as per the election commission’s direction. The state government has been informed about the matter and we are waiting for further direction from the state,” Lalrozama said.

Polling for 558 village councils in nine districts and 83 local councils within Aizawl municipal area will be held on August 27. There are 2,454 seats in village councils, of which 630 are reserved for women while the total number of seats in local councils is 545, including 148 seats reserved for women.

Earlier, the Kanchanpur sub-division magistrate had written a letter to the North district magistrate informing him about the inclusion of 130 residents in Mizoram electoral list.

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“On careful scrutiny of part 37 of Hacchek ST Constituency of Mizoram, it was observed that Phuldungsei Village Council has been added as part of the constituency as Zampui Phuldungsei and 130 voters in the electoral roll of Zampui Phuldungsei are residents of Tripura,” the letter read.

“Currently, the PWD road leading to Kawnpui border village of Jampui hill RD block is regarded as the boundary between Tripura and Mizoram in Phuldungsei where the Eastern side belongs to Mizoram, and the western side is Tripura. Traditional Phuldungsei VC as a whole (despite Eastern side falling in Mizoram) has been accepted as a part of Tripura. Hence, the inclusion of the VC and its residents in Mizoram electoral rolls seems to be problematic. There is an urgent need to demarcate the exact boundary between Mizoram and Tripura incorporating the entire Phuldungsei VC in Tripura”, the letter added.

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