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Guwahati: In a moment for pride for Assam, award-winning director Samujjal Kashyap has once again brought laurels to the state, this time by directing an ad film for Amrit Cement.

Maa Ke Sath Maa Ka Darshan, an advertisement campaign for Amrit Cement, clinched the gold for the ‘Best Content Marketing Launch’ at the afaqs! Foxglove Awards 2020. The script is the brainchild of Banibrata Goswami.

“Our film, Maa Ke Sathe Maa Ka Darshan, touches the sensitive topic of elders being left alone during their last days. The parents who devote their lives in bringing up their children do not receive any gratitude even in the form of company,” Goswami said.

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Produced by Kadambari Creations for Amrit Cement, the film is a creation of Be the Bee ad agency. Before this, Goswami and Kashyap worked together for many other projects as well.

With veteran Assamese actors in the film like Ranjeev Lal Barua, Rina Bora, Aimee Baruah, Pankaj Pujari, and Anabil Mahanta, the film was able to touch the heart of its viewers. Child actor Atharva Arjun Hazarika’s flawless acting made the idea of the film hit home.

A child’s innocent question of whether the children of Maa Durga will come with her when they grow up is the crux of the film which hits hard. “Surprisingly enough, this was his first time on screen and his acting was lauded by many,” added Kashyap.

Cast and crew members of the film
Cast and crew members of the film

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“We had a fantastic cast and crew in our hand, right from the actors to Gautam Mazumdar on productions, Pradip Daimary as the DOP and Rupam Ryan Deka in productions,” said Kashyap. With the voice of Rupam Bhuyan in the backdrop, the ad got the much-needed emotional appeal.

The film was shot in Guwahati in 2019, said Kashyap. “Funnily, during the process of shooting the film, we met with various complications,” said the director reminiscing the shoot. “We were not allowed to shoot the main scene of idol makers inside an idol maker’s workshop even though we took permission the previous day. So, we had to select another location and even had to give an extra amount to shoot there for just three hours,” he added.

The team had to purchase this idol just for the shoot

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Kashyap also said that the video needed a Ganesh idol but the workshop had none. The crew had to buy a humongous idol for Rs 7,000 just for the shoot. “After the shoot was done, we had no choice but to bring the idol with us. We used it during Ganesh puja in our production house,” said Kashyap.

According to Kashyap, the production house never celebrated Ganesh puja with such a huge idol.

Foxglove has become one of the most revered advertising shows in India, thanks to over 500 unique entities who have participated over the years. In its 6th edition, Foxglove added more sub-categories to accommodate the refreshing work done in newer formats. While 40 participants won gold, 53 won silver. The number of bronze winners is 49.

The awards were judged by 22 jurors and 17 grand jurors.

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