(From left to right) The teams of Vision Magitech, Happy Drifters, Jack n Jill

New Delhi: We all need people. Sometimes we have a vision, but cannot run with it alone. And even if we could, we may not see the full potential when we walk alone. Finding the right people is a tough task. It is even tougher to find someone whose vision aligns with yours. The success of any company requires a deep understanding and connection between people behind it.

More often than not, friendship and similar subjects of passion between co-founders birth these companies and sustain it.

On EastMojo’s second anniversary, here’s highlighting a few start-ups from Assam founded by two people; hence displaying the positive ‘power of 2’.

Gitartha Kashyap and his old high school buddy Madhurjya Bora co-founded Vision Magitech. Kashyap says the beginning of his start up with Bora wasn’t expected. “Initially, Bora and I were just acquaintances; we only grew closer when we started our BTech degree program in Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Guwahati. After graduation, Bora shared his dream of starting up an IT company, I was busy then so I didn’t give it much attention. After three years, Vision Magitech was born, and we launched Allay under that brand,” he says.

Allay is the first of its kind in Northeast India. The app is used to search for rental homes, paying guests and hostels. It works on a referral basis and rewards users when they pay rent on time. Allay bypasses brokers and, as a result, has got the approval of the owners of paying guests establishments, rental homes and hostels. After its launch, Allay was warmly received by the people, gathering more than 1000 downloads in the first two days.

A positive relationship between co-founders is very pertinent to the steady growth of a company. Speaking on his equation with his fellow cofounder, Bora says, “Although nothing is perfect, our relationship can get pretty close to perfection by our understanding, beliefs and faith. Kashyap and I have a lot of similarities like respect, trust, and value for each other’s opinions and ideas. There’s no autonomy, important decisions are reached mutually. The most important thing holding us together is trust.”

Khokan Paul and Moon Moon Brahma started Jack n Jill in 2016. This unique clothing company has surely earned its top spot in Northeast India. At Jack n Jill, quality and affordable products is their only motto. They combine contemporary technology and product design with old school tailoring to achieve high quality results.

Originally from Biswanath Chariali, Paul graduated from the Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology in Bangalore.

Paul is internationally recognised as a result of his expertise. He has worked for top international brands like Robert Graham, Jack n Jones and Guru. Paul believes style is more of an expression of the clothes you wear.

His partner, Moon Moon Brahma is an ardent designer. Brahma completed a designing course from NIFT Kolkata. She is also an internationally recognised designer as her designs have been sold in Italy and Dubai directly from her wardrobe, ‘My Joi’.

The partnership between Paul and Brahma is a solid one and this has led to the success of their company. “We knew each other long before we started Jack n Jill. Our lasting friendship, ardour for patterns, colours and desire to employ women motivated us to start Jack n Jill,” says Paul.

He adds, “The selling point of our brand is the production of world class quality printed shirts which are also affordable. We plan to open several stores in the Northeast region and major cities of Assam, thereby providing more jobs and making our products more accessible throughout India.”

Co-owners of Happy Drifters, Arpan Kalita and Rupankar Chaliha have a long, steep history. Back in school, Kalita and Chaliha were friendly with each other, but hardly interacted. After graduating from school, Kalita and Chaliha went their separate ways, as people most often do, only to be reconnected 12 years later on Facebook. They began a new friendship from scratch, learning in depth about each other. The most outstanding similarity in their hobby was photography and travel. Kalita had already made a full time career out of it, Chaliha, on the other hand, took it as a hobby while he kept a full time corporate job.

Their mutual interest in travel and photography grew into interests in tourism and hospitality. This subsequently led to an exchange of ideas, plans, and even occasional travels. On December 27, 2017, Happy Drifters was born. The aim of this company was to promote affordable accommodation for travellers and tourists of all class. Kalita puts his passion into words: “We love travelling as much as you do and we are ardent about everything travel related. Happy Drifters provides all the benefits of travelling besides a good night sleep without you having to pay an arm and a leg. Our doors are open to bikers, backpackers, trekkers and many more.”

According to Chaliha, Happy Drifters doesn’t only offer cheaper means of travelling, but they also promote eco-friendly means of travel by encouraging eco-stays, home-stays, and eco-retreats in Northeast India. Owners of Happy Drifters, Kalita and Chaliha are hopeful about taking up charitable and non-profit events that promote sustainable tourism, as a way to give back to their passion and society.

Chaliha also notes that with Happy Drifters, they hope to provide support to smaller businesses by placing handpicked and motivated entrepreneurs to run their smaller stores. They are hopeful that they can build a brand that will not only promote travelling, but also build trust in their customers. They desire to build a brand that promotes several cultures and can thereby accommodate travellers from various communities.

These young, versatile, passionate, and innovative entrepreneurs have proven over the years that finding just the right partner can be the key to a successful business enterprise. With hard work, teamwork, trust and understanding, they have defied the odds and are leading a new trail in the Indian business ecosystem.

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