6 CBI officers received President's Police Medals for Distinguished Service and 26 officers got Police Medals for Meritorious Service

New Delhi: Thirty-two officials of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) received the prestigious President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service and Police Medal for Meritorious Service on the upcoming occasion of 74th Indian Independence Day.

While six CBI officers received President’s Police Medals for Distinguished Service, 26 other officers received Police Medals for Meritorious Service, stated a government statement.

These are the CBI officers who were awarded with President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service:

Prasenjit Roy, ASP, CBI, BSFB, Kolkata; Surinder Singh Bhullar, DSP, CBI, ACB, Chandigarh; Vijay Goswami, Head Constable, CBI(HQ), New Delhi; Vazir Singh, Head Constable, CBI, EO-II, New Delhi; S. Ravi, Head Constable, CBI, SU, Chennai and Shyambir Singh, Head Constable, CBI, Policy Division, New Delhi.

These CBI officers have been awarded with Police Medal for Meritorious Service:

Diwas Kumar, DSP, CBI, SU, Mumbai; K. Lokho Moses, DSP, CBI, EO-II, New Delhi; Ashok Kumar Jha, Inspector, CBI, ACB, Patna; Manoj Kumar, Inspector, CBI, EO-I, New Delhi; Rajesh Bhonsle, Inspector, CBI, ACB, Raipur; Mahesh Vasant Patil, ASI, CBI, SCU-VI(SC-II), Mumbai; Brijesh Kumar Tripathi, Head Constable, CBI, ACB, Lucknow; Chandra Shekhar Pandey, Head Constable, CBI, ACB, Dhanbad; Kanwal Krishan Pandith, Head Constable, CBI, ACB, Jammu; Pradeep Kumar Dash, Head Constable, CBI, ACB, Bhubanewar; Ram Ratan Gurjar, Head Constable, CBI, ACB, Jaipur; Sanjit Kumar Roy, Head Constable, CBI, BSFB, Kolkata; Santosh Pralhad Mahajan, Head Constable, CBI, ACB, Pune; Shyam Chandra, Head Constable, CBI(HQ), New Delhi; Supriya Kumar Dutta, Head Constable, CBI, SU, Kolkata; T. Thirusarvanan, Head Constable, CBI, ACB, Madurai; Uttamrao Nagorao Aagle, Head Constable, CBI, SU, Mumbai; Budhdeo Oraon, Head Constable, CBI, ACB, Ranchi; Ajeet Kumar Singh, Constable, CBI, Policy Division, New Delhi; Bhaiya Ranjan Kumar Singh, Constable, CBI, SU, New Delhi; Dalbir Singh, Constable, CBI, EO-I, New Delhi; Hem Chander Tiwari, Constable, CBI, AC-II, New Delhi; Joginder Singh, Constable, CBI, Vigilance Cell, New Delhi; Rayapa Raju Mantena, Constable, CBI, ACB, Hyderabad; Pop Singh, Constable, CBI, EO-III, New Delhi and Vasantha Rangachari, PS, CBI, ACB, Chennai.

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