The man was tightly stuck in the well and firemen had to tie a strong rope around his waist and pull him out

New Delhi: An overweight man in China was just saved due to his big belly when he fell in a well. His belly stopped him from falling inside the well. The 28-year-old man identified as Liu, fell and got trapped in their family well when the wood used to cover the well broke apart.

A video clip shared by a Chinese fire services official showed the rescue of Liu. The video showed Liu patiently waiting for help to arrive with his arms crossed. It could be seen in the video that around five firefighters reached the spot and worked to get Liu out of the well.

According to the firemen who reached the spot, Liu was tightly stuck in the well and they had to tie a strong rope around his waist and pull him out.

Liu, weighing at around 500 pounds, is said to be suffering from mental illness and he only survived as firemen said he was “too fat” to fall down inside the well.

The video of Liu’s rescue has gone viral on social media. One user also commented: “They say bigger waistlines lead to increased health risks, but never tell you they save you from wells. Something to think about…”

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