The man, identified as Sagar Surve, was harassed by callers, and he had to switch off his phone

Mumbai: A Mumbai resident, mistaken to be actor Rhea Chakraborty, has been receiving harassing and abusive calls and messages for a week, said reports.

The person, identified as Sagar Surve of Navi Mumbai, had it so bad that he had to turn off his phone. This confusion arose after a national television channel flashed Chakraborty’s number on TV, and Surve has a very similar phone number.

Rhea and her family members have been accused by late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s family on several charges including abetment to suicide, blackmail and money laundering to the tune of around Rs 15 crore.

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When Surve received the first calls asking for Rhea, he dismissed it as a wrong number. But the call frequency grew. According to reports, he started receiving messages, and voice and video call on WhatsApp. When he clarified that it’s not Rhea’s number, people started asking him to send his picture. Eventually, it worsened.

It was later that his cousin’s prompted him that while showing Rajput’s call record, a news TV channel had flashed Chakraborty’s number, and pointed out that her number was different from his only by one digit.

Surve, traumatised by this, decided to approach the police, by he didn’t file a complaint, as he was not ready to go through the hassle. The police have suggested that he should use an alternative number for a while.

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