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New Delhi: Aviation regulator DGCA suspended AirAsia India’s head of operations, Manish Uppal, and head of safety, Mukesh Nema acting on a complaint by a pilot on safety lapses. They have been suspended for three months.

In June, pilot Gaurav Taneja went on YouTube to question the airlines’ safety procedures. He took to Twitter and said, “They took my pilots They took my Pilot’s uniform away, just because I wanted to make Indian Skies safer. Satyamev Jayate”

In the YouTube video, Taneja had claimed that AirAsia was flouting several safety norms. He said that to achieve targets and save fuel, they were playing with the safety of passengers.

One of the top complaints was on landing procedures. In order to slow the aircraft for landing flaps are used. When the flap is increased so is drag, slowing down the plane but higher flaps mean more usage of fuel.

He claimed that if a pilot does not do 98% of landings in “Flap 3” mode, the airline reports it a violation.

Taneja cited Imphal airport, which requires a steep approach for landing because of the terrain. Here, a pilot needs to use full flaps to slow down the aircraft. This was among other lapses, he pointed out. He was fired by the airline following his revelation.

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