The meme went viral to such an extent that now PayTM's official Twitter account has been renamed as 'BINOD' Credit: Twitter

New Delhi: A famous YouTube channel named Slayy Point owned by Abhyudaya and Gautami recently took a crazy turn in one of their comments section in one of their videos and a viral meme was born.

Both the YouTube creators gave the viewers a glimpse of what goes on in the comments section of their videos where people leave behind nasty and filthy comments that will leave you scratching your head. The video titled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)” shows comments ranging from “thoko likes” to writing down an entire poetry, a lot goes in the comments section in YouTube.

YouTube video

One such comment grabbed everyone’s attention where a YouTube user named Binod Tharu commented his own name “Binod” in the comment section.

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Lo and behold, the internet went crazy with memes on Binod. The meme went viral to such an extent that now PayTM’s official Twitter account has also changed their name to “BINOD”.

It just doesn’t end here, with hundreds and thousands of memes going viral on the internet, the topic is trending on Twitter now. Mumbai Police also posted a tweet on online safety with reference to Binod.

The Uttar Pradesh Police’s helpline number account also took to Twitter and referred Binod in one of their funny tweets on wearing a mask to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

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