PS Sreedharan Pillai was appointed as the Governor of Mizoram in 2019 Credit: EastMojo image

Aizawl: Mizoram chief minister Zoramthanga released 13 books and a collection of 10 poems called Corona Kavithakal written by Governor PS Sreedharan Pillai at Durbar Hall, Raj Bhavan on Saturday.

At the function, the governor shared about his inspiration for writing and also introduced to the invitees the themes of his collection of literary works of more than 120 books and counting.

The governor has other 10 books to be released in different parts of the country which will highlight various topics such as coronavirus pandemic, social issues, legal subjects and others.

After the function, answering to EastMojo’s query about his poem, Oh, Mizoram!, he said, “When I reached the state on November 4, 2019, I had the occasion to see the hills there with fresh air and it inspired me to write a poem. So, on the same night, I wrote the poem Oh, Mizoram! And I shall include that poem in the book titled Oh! Mizoram. The poem shall be an introduction to the book.”

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Pillai said that he has been writing since 1983, with 15 collections of poems in Malayalam and 13 books published. Altogether he had written 125 books. “My inspiration is that, as a public worker and a politician I am bound to educate the masses and to increase their knowledge. I feel that it is my duty to write to educate the masses,” said Pillai.

He also has a collection of poems which will be published in English.

The governor also stated that he has already updated his book on Mizo folklore, but with limitation to the Mizo language, he has used English translated books to have an in-depth study.

“In my inner mind, there’s a desire to go into folklore dance and songs but my studies have been very limited. I am interested in love affairs of the folk songs of the olden times. Folklores of warriors also interests me… those that worship the warriors who have succeeded in a war. Folklore related to hunting also inspires me. When a person is successful in hunting, the society puts that person on a high pedestal. These folklore inspire me because they originated from the inner minds of the people,” he added.

Pillai completed nine months of his tenure as governor of the state. He finds the Mizo society to be honest and good at heart, and praised them for abiding by the rules.

“People obey traffic rules and are cooperative. In mornings, all parts of the city are cleaned up. 3 to 4% of the Indian population are residing in the 8 states of the Northeast and the Modi government is concentrating on the development of this region. 3.5 % of the population of Northeast has been given 10% of the total income of the Union of India which is being set apart for the development of the younger generation of the region,” Pillai stated.

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Pillai also mentioned that at the governor’s meeting at Rashtrapati Bhavan held two years ago, they talked about the Union government’s plan to concentrate on the younger generations of Mizoram as there are many brilliant youths, and if they have a chance to go to other parts of India, they can become successful in any field.

A copy of the governor’s collection of poems titled, Corona Kavithakal, with Covid-19 pandemic as the main theme, was handed over to Brig Vinod S, commander of 23 Sector Assam Riffles. This was followed by the release of the two books — Republic Day 2020 and Thus Speaks the Governor by Justice Ajai Lamba, Chief Justice, Gauhati High Court, via recorded message.

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