Apple plans to release the Big Sur update sometime in the fall, and have only just made the Beta available Credit: EastMojo image

New Delhi: Apple has yet again silenced its critics with the release of the public Beta version of their biggest desktop operating system update in a long time- the macOS Big Sur. This new update, according to Apple, introduces you to a significant upgrade in the properties of the OS and its visual features. Little wonder they have remained among the top in the tech world for so long.

Apple plans to release the Big Sur update sometime in the fall, and have only just made the Beta available. The Big Sur will work best with certain computers. These include:

• MacBook – 2015 and recent versions.

• MacBook Air – 2013 and recent versions.

• MacBook pro – late 2013 and recent versions.

• Mac mini – 2014 and recent versions.

• iMac – 2014 and recent versions.

• iMac Pro – 2017 and recent versions.

• Mac Pro – 2013 and recent versions.

Although Apple users have been in high hopes of the new update, it is pertinent to note that while the Beta is already available for download, it is still the Beta version and could come with its own set of challenges. Unexpected bugs, incompatibility with some of your softwares, loss of important documents and the likes of it are some challenges which the Beta versions of any update may present.

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However, if you’re willing to flip the coin and take your chances with installing the macOS, there are some important things to note about this new update that is significantly different from the previous versions. Some of them include:

• Apple has made several important design improvements throughout the new update. An example is the change in the design of Apple apps. The apps are now shaped as rounded squares and the menu bar a little larger in height and blending into your wallpaper. The colour of the interface’s font adjusts to the colour of your background.

• In the macOS Big Sur update, Apple has included a Control centre, quite similar to that of the iOS. Management and organisation of items like Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, volume and brightness just got easier.

• Widgets and notifications are no longer separate panels on the notification centre, Apple has now blended it into one.

• If you are like most Apple users that utilize Safari, there are some great features that have been included. You can now customise your start page and include options like your frequently visited websites, favourites and even incorporate a background image. Your tabs are not left out. Favicons, by default, are enabled and placing your mouse over a tab displays a preview of that webpage.

Safari users utilising the macOS Big Sur now have access to Apple’s Privacy Report which shows you what trackers safari has denied access to you.

• Apple has ensured that app stores for the Big Sur will now inform you about the various types of data apps may collect. Information as to whether the data collected is shared with a third party source for tracking are now also available to you.

• The iMessage also got an improvement. Sending messages to other iMessage users just got more fun. You can now include virtual balloons, confetti, laser and many more in your message to other iMessage users. Apple also included some impressive updates made in iOS 14 to the Big Sur. Updates like inline replies and pinned conversations.

• Apple also made significant improvements to Maps and included some new tunes for system sounds. If you are an old Mac user installing the macOS Big Sur, you might get a little nostalgic. Apple has ensured the return of Mac’s old start-up tune.

• There is also an improved SwiftUI to make it easier to build apps that are thoroughly compatible with its ecosystem and easier to include customised Mac features.

This new macOS update brings you closer to enjoying similar benefits to users of iPads and iPhones, thereby improving your overall app experience. There are a lot of significant changes made to this new update that you may enjoy. The Big Sur Beta works very well with Apple apps and fairly well with other apps. Although the Beta version may not work at the level you are expecting, however with these changes Apple has made, installing this beta may be worth your time.

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