The decision festered concern in the world of tech, especially among the over 1 million Dark Sky users, who had previously installed the app via Google Play Store

New Delhi: Dark Sky has been an invaluable tool for Android users around the world. Whether on Android phones or smartwatches, Dark sky for many years has provided its users with important weather information that is crucial at the start of any day. After its million-dollar acquisition in May by tech giants Apple, Dark Sky officially shut its doors to Android users on August 1.

The decision festered concern in the world of tech, especially among the over 1 million Dark Sky users, who had previously installed the app via the Google play store. There, however, was no change made to its availability on the iOS, Apple users are still privileged to have unlimited access to this weather app.

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For users with an active subscription for August, Dark Sky graciously proposed a full subscription refund. However, most Android users are not worried about losing money via their subscription, the real worry stems from the difficulty in picking a new reliable weather app.

Thankfully, there are reliable and trustworthy weather apps that can take the place of Dark Sky quite nicely. Most of the alternatives listed below utilise some information from Dark Sky. Luckily, Apple guarantees the provision of this information until the end of 2021.

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1. Appy Weather

Appy Weather

The new updated Appy Weather comes with certain important features that were absent from previous versions of the app. These updates were made available just after Dark Sky announced it was shutting down its Android apps. Some of these new features include; a widget (similar to that on the Dark Sky app), an improved and redesigned radar, as well as custom notifications.

Although this app utilises Dark Sky’s API, it presents it in a different, more organised manner. It includes a feed, much like that of Twitter, and implements systemically posted weather updates. It also includes the time the sun will rise or set in several expandable cards. You can proceed to obtain more information in the main timeline if you so desire.

In situations where the Dark Sky API temporarily or permanently shuts down due to unforeseen circumstances, Appy now includes a smooth transition to alternative weather providers. Appy also includes easy navigation to the day’s forecast, which feels natural to use. Basic features are free on Appy, but certain features like; Radar, widgets, notification and removal of ads will cost you $3.99 annually.

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2. Weather Underground

Weather Underground

For more localised weather news, Weather Underground is a wonderful alternative. Weather Underground utilises data from local weather stations. Weather Underground leverages over 250,000 local stations to provide incredibly accurate location-specific information on the weather as opposed to weather apps that generalize their forecast for whole cities.

To utilise Weather Underground’s premium features, you will have to pay $19.99 annually or $3.99 monthly. This is to enable you to enjoy unlimited benefits that Weather Underground provides. Some of these premium features include; extended forecasts every hour, smart forecasts, and elimination of ads.

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3. AccuWeather


Recently, AccuWeather received new impressive updates and a complete redo of its design. Several complaints associated with previous versions have been addressed in this new update. The new design includes a new Dark Sky-inspired temperature and precipitation chart that is included at the top of the app. Rainfall forecasts are displayed sideways.

The AccuWeather has an easy-to-navigate interface that users find particularly refreshing. Ads, however, may disrupt your time on the app. These ads can be removed by purchasing the ads removal service for $3.99.

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4. Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather)

Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather)

For users who require a weather app with a lot more spice and personality, Fu*** Weather is just the app to use. Contrary to other apps’ method of letting you know the nature of the weather for that day, Fu*** uses strong languages and weather jargons to inform you of the nature of the weather.

Fu*** uses this unconventional method to inform its users If it’s going to be sunny or raining. For its Data, Fu*** utilises both AerisWeather and Dark Sky. The Fu*** weather app is free to download and use. Several services, however, like unlocking new features, removing ads, and frequent forecast updates come at a little price.

Although the removal of the Dark Sky app from Android OS might be a little painful to bear, these alternatives are guaranteed to fill that void. They are in many ways similar in function to the Dark Sky app and can offer an unforgettable experience. After a while, ýou may not miss the Dark Sky weather app so much.

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