Umpire Marais Erasmus in action during a test match

Guwahati: Front foot no-balls will be fully decided, and called by the TV umpire, for the first time ever in Test cricket, during the ongoing Test series between England and Pakistan.

The announcement came from ICC on Wednesday, according to which the system is being assessed with a vision for further use in the future. The trend of intervention by the TV umpire once a wicket goes down in case of an overstepping has been seen of late, but this will be the first time that a TV umpire will be exclusively monitoring the no-balls in test cricket.

With the game evolving rapidly with the evolution of technology over time, there has been a lot of criticism over the fact that a number of no-balls go unnoticed by the on-field umpires thus affecting the batting team in nail biting finishes. With the use of this new system, the TV umpire has been given the exclusive right to call all the front foot no –balls. The on-field umpires will be alerted by the TV umpires immediately when a bowler will overstep the line.

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Last year, this system was put into trial in the limited overs series between India and West Indies and the T20 Women’s world cup in Australia earlier this year. The performance and results of this technology will be reviewed by the ICC and the chief executive committee before taking any decisions on its consistent use in future cricket events.

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