A huge explosion shook Lebanon’s capital Beirut

A massive explosion rocked Beirut the capital of Lebanon on Tuesday. Eyewitnesses recorded the blast which is said to have occurred at the port area. The cause of the explosion is yet to be ascertained. New agency Reuters quoted security officials who claim atleast 10 people were killed, several wounded by flying debris. The blast was heard 150 miles away. Saad Mohseni, Director of the MOBY Group, shared the video of the explosion on Twitter.

There are several eyewitness videos emerging. Political activist Ahmad M Yassine shared the video of the aftermath. Several cars and homes were badly damaged in a large radius of the blast.

Lebanon’s National News Agency reports that the explosion may have been caused by a fire in a hangar where explosives were stored at the Beirut Port.

The Indian Embassy in Lebanon has advised the Indian community to remain calm and posted helpline numbers.

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