On Monday, 41,958 COVID tests were conducted throughout Assam

Guwahati: In a significant development in tracing COVID-19, Assam government completed 10 lakh tests on Monday.

Informing about this, health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma tweeted on Tuesday saying, “Assam achieves an incredible feat of a million #COVID19 tests!

Setting up 1st lab in Feb, which grew to 17 rapidly, our teams have done extraordinary work in reaching the 10 lakh mark in a little over 8 weeks. The last 1 lakh came in just 3 days. Remarkable!”

On Monday, 41,958 COVID tests were conducted throughout Assam, which took the state’s total to 10,06,457 in 17 labs. Currently, Assam is conducting 29,349 tests per million population, which is one among the highest in the country.

Assam, which conducted its first coronavirus test on

Initially, Assam sent bulk of its test samples to the National Institute of Virology, Pune. After setting up a VRDL, it conducted its first test on February 7, around 50 days before reporting the first COVID case in March 31.

Assam completed the first one lakh tests on May 30, 114 days after, and since then it has increased the number if labs and quicky escalated its testing capacity. Infact, in the last two instances, the speed at which tests are conducted has increased two fold.

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Earlier, on July 22 and 28, the state took 6 days each to conduct another one lakh tests to reach 7 lakh tests and 8 lakh tests respectively. Thereon, it reached 9 lakh tests on July 31, that is, in just 3 days time Assam conducted one lakh tests, and maintaining the same time duration, it completed another lakh tests to reach over 10 lakh tests on August 3.

Assam has so far reported 45,275 cases of coronavirus infection of which, 33,428 have been cured and discharged, 11,735 remain as active cases, 109 have passed away, while 3 people have migrated to other states.

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