Hyderabad: A man from Hyderabad finally cleared his class 10 examinations after repeatedly failing for the past 33 years. He probably is one of the happiest person in the world in this time of coronavirus pandemic.

The 51-year-old Mohammad Nooruddin was able to pass his class 10 examinations as several states in India cancelled board exams and declared all students as passed due to the pertaining nationwide lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus in the country.

This year, Nooruddin was lucky enough as he was declared passed as students couldn’t appear board examinations due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Nooruddin works as a watchman at Anjuman Boy’s High School in Hyderabad and started appearing for his class 10 examinations in 1987 but failed in English. Since then, he has never been able to pass in English till date.

His bad days finally ended when the country was locked down to control the spread of coronavirus and exams over the country were cancelled. With this, Nooruddin has finally passed class 10 and is now looking to pursue higher studies in the coming days.

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