The six arrested people include a woman and a ‘tantrik’

New Delhi: After the mysterious death of Betul district additional and sessions judge and his son in Madhya Pradesh, the police have arrested six people including a woman and a ‘tantrik.’ Betul judge Mahendra Tripathi and his 33-year-old son Abhinay Raj Tripathi allegedly died after consuming chapatis laced with poison.

Police officials are of the view that Sandhya Singh (45), who runs an NGO in Chhindwara district, allegedly gave the poison-laced wheat flour to the family. This was after a puja for maintaining harmony at home.

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It is also alleged that the judge on July 20 brought the flour home and on the same day the family had chapatis prepared from it. After consuming the chapatis, the judge and his son started vomiting.

Luckily the wife of the judge had rice and was not affected. Later, the two had to be admitted to the hospital and they became seriously ill on July 23. After the condition of the two deteriorated, on July 25, they were referred to another hospital in Nagpur. The son was declared dead after reaching Nagpur and his father died in hospital on Sunday. Ashish, Tripathi’s younger son, also fell ill after consuming the chapatis but his condition is quite stable now, said police officials.

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According to the police, Singh, who allegedly wanted to eliminate the judge and his family, came into contact with Tripathi when he was posted in Chhindwara. They later became good friends. Singh was unable to meet Tripathi for four months after his family came to live with him in Betul and it was out of frustration that she conspired to kill him, said the police.

During initial investigation, the police arrested Singh and her driver Sanju who then revealed the entire plot. Three more people — Kamal, Devilal Chandravanshi, and Mubin Khan —were also arrested based on information provided by Singh. Later, an occultist Baba Ramdayal, who was on the run, was also arrested.

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