Accused Devender Sharma (in yellow T-shirt) Credit: Twitter

New Delhi: After allegedly killing over 50 people across Delhi and its neighbouring states, an Ayurvedic doctor Devender Sharma was arrested finally arrested on Wednesday. The doctor was reportedly hiding in Delhi’s Baprola are after jumping parole in January.

Several cases have been filed against the doctor in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan. According to the police, he could have been involved in over 100 cases; however, the exact number is yet to be determined.

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Sharma (62) is a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery and is a resident of Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh. According to the police, he was convicted in many cases of murder and kidnapping. Additionally, he was also arrested twice earlier for running a fake gas agency in UP. He was also jailed for running a kidney racket in various states.

He was serving a life sentence in Central Jail in Jaipur over a murder case and was out on parole for 20 days in January after spending 16 years in jail. But in early March, he jumped parole and stayed at his village for some time before he moved to Delhi, according to police reports.

Additionally, he married his distant relative in Delhi who knew about his criminal background. There he began a property business and was currently mediating a sale of a property — Marshal House in Connaught Place — to a property dealer in Jaipur.

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During his interrogation , he admitted to being the mastermind behind at least 50 killings. Between 2002 and 2004, he was arrested for several killings. According to police officials, Sarma said that he lost count after 50 murders and it became difficult for him to keep a note on the exact number.

After getting his Bachelor’s degree in Bihar he started a clinic in Jaipur in 1984. After suffering a financial crisis in 1992 due to his investment of Rs 11 lakh from which he was cheated he started a fake gas agency in 1995. After that, he got involved in other criminal activities. He was also involved in an interstate kidney transplant operation in 1994 in Gurgaon, Ballabhgarh, Jaipur, and various other places.

Along with Sharma, several other doctors were also arrested in 2004 in the Gurgaon kidney racket case. Sharma claims that from 1994-2004 he carried out more than 125 illegal kidney transplants. He got Rs 5 – 7 lakh per case, as per police officials.

He was arrested again in 2001 after he started yet another fake gas agency in Amroha. After the shutdown of the fake gas agency, he opened a clinic in Jaipur and remained in operation till 2003. Within this period he came in contact with his accomplices who hired taxis to Aligarh and then killed the drivers in secluded spots. After that, they dumped the bodies in crocodile-infested waters in the Hazara canal at Kashganj, said by police officials.

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