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Guwahati: Fast-food giant KFC is looking at the next food revolution which could mean 3D printing its chicken nuggets.

KFC will test chicken nuggets made with 3D bioprinting technology in Moscow, Russia, this autumn, the chain announced in a July 16 press release.

In the announcement, the fast food giant says that its laboratory-produced chicken nuggets, which will be the worldā€™s first, will reduce the environmental footprint of the product compared to using conventional chicken meat.

The fast-food chain has partnered with 3D Bioprinting Solutions to create a chicken nugget made in a lab with chicken and plant cells using bioprinting. Bioprinting, which uses 3D-printing techniques to combine biological material, is used in medicine to create tissue and even organs.

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ā€œCrafted meat products are the next step in the development of our ā€˜restaurant of the futureā€™ concept,ā€ said Raisa Polyakova, general manager of KFC Russia & CIS, in a statement. ā€œOur experiment in testing 3D bioprinting technology to create chicken products can also help address several looming global problems.ā€

Polyakova added that after the initial prototype launch in Autumn this year, KFC hopes to be able to roll out lab-made chicken nuggets in other markets as well.

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