The operation was conducted by Paltan Bazaar Police and Crime Branch on Tuesday

Guwahati: In a recent operation conducted by the police on Tuesday, cash worth Rs 74,05,600 — allegedly related to drug-smuggling activities — was seized from a woman hailing from Manipur in the Paltan Bazar area of Guwahati in Assam.

The accused, Lanthanbam Sangeeta Rani Devi, was staying at Kalachini Apartments in Solapara. Considered the prime suspect in the case, she was earlier captured by Basistha Police and Crime Branch in 2019 over drug smuggling cases.

Policemen with the seized cash in Guwahati

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Without disclosing much on the case, as the police are in the middle of the investigation, Crime Branch addition SP Nabaneet Mahanta said the accused has been in this business for quite some time.

“We had our eyes on her for quite some time and we were expecting to seize a huge consignment of narcotics but we found only cash worth Rs 74,05,60,” he said, adding the money is believed to be related to narcotics-related activities.

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The accused was arrested along with her driver and a relative. It’s beeen alleged that she is linked to 90% of the illegal narcotics and drug smuggling activities in the city. The money was found hidden inside shoe boxes and behind a place of worship in her house.

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