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New Delhi: Rescue operations could not get any better and adorable than the rescue story of Daisy, a Saint Bernard dog that was rescued from England’s highest peak on Friday.

A roughly 120-pound Daisy went on a hike with her owners but collapsed while descending from the summit of Scafell Pike and then refused to budge from the spot. The rescue video was posted on Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team’s official Facebook page. The video went viral with people commenting on the wise and thoughtful decisions taken by the team to rescue the doggo.

The rescue video was posted on Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team’s official Facebook page

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According to the post, Daisy displayed signs of pain in her rear legs and refused to move. Her owners were able to keep her fully hydrated and fed before the rescue operators reached the spot and commenced the operation. The weather was deteriorating in the hills and so team members put Daisy on a stretcher and clambered down the hill.

The post read that on reaching their location, team members carefully introduced themselves to Daisy so as not to cause any additional distress. Two members were able to assess her condition and administer analgesia for the pain. A few different tactics were also needed to be tried until both Daisy and her stretcher-bearers were all satisfied and progress down-hill could be made.

The team had to clamber down some treacherous terrain

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“It had become quickly apparent that Daisy’s cooperation was going to be essential if we were to make progress as Daisy made sure we knew that if she didn’t want to do something, she wasn’t going to do it. However, after a little persuasion and a bit of arranging the stretcher to become dog friendly and of course plenty more treats, the 55kg Daisy very quickly settled down with her chin resting on the head guard, having realised that we were trying to help her,” the post added as they clambered down the 3,000-foot mountain.

The video of the 5-hour rescue operation has already gained over 1 crore views on YouTube. The video of rescuers donning on the red jackets with masks on to prevent COVID-19 contamination and Daisy cooperating the entire way is a must-watch.

The Facebook post

As for the Saint Bernard, she has been resting and is in good spirits as well. However, the team did say that Daisy “apparently feels a bit guilty and slightly embarrassed about letting down the image of her cousins bouncing across the Alpine snows with barrels of brandy around their necks.”

Saint Bernard dogs are powerful working dogs and can locate and rescue travelers buried by avalanches and drifts.

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