Giant asteroid set to pass by Earth on March 21 Credit: Representational image

Two 14-year-old girls from Gujarat have discovered a new asteroid ‘HLV2514’ that will pass Earth in the near future.

As per the latest discovery, the asteroid is currently situated near Mars and it is expected to cross Earth in the next million year, as per report from SPACE India.

Surat’s Class 10 students from PP Savani Chaitanya Vidya Sankul, Vekariya Sanjaybhai and Radhika Lakhani Prafulbhai, discovered the asteroid during a search campaign conducted by SPACE India and NASA-affiliated citizen scientist group International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC).

During the search campaign, several images of the asteroid were taken in a span of two months using Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii and the students used various advanced tools to look for undiscovered asteroids.

It is during this exercise when the two girls stumbled upon the asteroid ‘HLV2514’ which was later confirmed by IASC director J Patrick Miller. According to a news report on Times of India, NASA has also acknowledged the discovery and has sent an email to the girls in Gujarat.

The discovered asteroid is currently being called HLV2514 as it is yet to be named by NASA after confirming its orbit, said a SPACE India spokeswoman.

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