The testing kit is expected to receive regulatory approval within months

New Delhi: A company in Israel has developed a coronavirus breathalyzer test that can detect the presence of pathogen in 30 seconds, making it a “front-line” tool that can help in fast detection of COVID-19 among humans.

The company NanoScent that has developed the testing kits said that an extensive trial was carried out for the kits and the presence of coronavirus in breath was detected with 85% accuracy. The testing kit is expected to receive regulatory approval within months.

NanoScent CEO Oren Gavriely while speaking to the media said that the breathalyzer would not replace lab tests but can be used as a mass screening tool that can enable people to gain confidence and go back to normal again.

NanoScent has been into rapid recognition technology for several years and has also designed many apparatus for medical purposes over the years.

The breathalyzer test begins with a few short questions that are asked to a person about COVID-19 exposure. After answering the questions, the person then inhales through their nose, hold their breath and exhale from one nostril pushing their breath through a small tube into a small bag called “Air Trap”.

The tube connected to the Air Trap is then plugged into a “Scent Reader” that sucks the air out into the device. Then within seconds, the COVID-19 results appear on the display.

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