Umpling residents facing stigmatisation, even being denied treatment in hospitals

Shillong: After news emerged that few medical institutions in Shillong denied treatment to Umpling residents due to the surge of COVID-19 cases reported from BSF Campus in the area, Meghalaya deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong has now warned all of them against stigmatisation.

The concern was raised during a media briefing held in Shillong on Thursday. Questioning Tynsong if the government is aware of the plight of the people of Umpling, Tynsong said that the government came to know of the issue after reading it in the newspapers.

Tynsong said that earlier a meeting was held with private hospitals. “We requested those medical institutions to admit the patients,” he said.

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“The job of the medical institution is to cater to them and to see what health issues they are facing. Denying them service or throwing them out is illegal,” said Tynsong.

He urged all hospitals not to stigmatize or neglect these people. ”The medical institutions should cater to these people since it is their job,” he said.

“This is a warning to all the medical institutions. We urge the people to inform the authorities if anyone refuses to treat them without a valid reason,” said Tynsong.

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