Patients danced, clapped hands and sang Assamese 'naam'

Guwahati: The COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent lockdown have brought in repercussions in various forms. From health, economy to education everyone is feeling its pangs and it has become increasingly difficult to even smile let alone enjoy life these days.

However, this group of COVID-19 positive patients seems to have broken down the dogma as they enjoy their time in medical care all while singing an Assamese naam.

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The video comes from Barpeta medical college and hospital where several COVID-19 positive patients are admitted there. With nothing to do other than spend time in the sick beds till they are declared COVID-19 negative, patients of the hospital on Sunday night thought to make their stay “enjoyable” at the very least.

Using buckets and utensils as makeshift musical instruments, these people can be seen having a jolly time by singing and dancing along with the beats of the buckets and instruments.

Some took on an observer stance as they enjoyed the gala while maintaining social distancing, while others swayed their body to the beats.

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The five-minute video of people enjoying their time while being cured of COVID-19 brings smile to many. The video is also making its viral round on social media.

Barpeta is also called as Satra Nagari (Temple town) of Assam due to the presence of various Vaishnavite Satras in the vicinity. Satras are institutional centers associated with the Ekasarana tradition of Vaishnavism, largely found in Assam and neighboring regions. ‘Naam’ is folk songs which basically elaborate the Indian mythology.

This is not the first time that people in quarantine centres or hospitals try to break out of the depressing situation while having a wee bit of jolly time. This provides everyone involved a much-needed catharsis. Even doctors are seen in various other videos dancing to regain their spirits as well as the patients admitted inside.

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