1.76 lakh fingerling fish comprising of Indian Major Carp (IMC) Rohu, Catla, Mrigal and Silver carp were released at the Doyang reservoir

Kohima: Up to 1.76 lakh fingerling fish comprising of Indian major carp (IMC) rohu, catla, mrigal and silver carp were released at the Doyang reservoir by the department of fisheries and aquatic resources.

With an aim to enhance the fish stock and to uplift the livelihood of the fisherman community, the department initiated this programme under assistance to pisciculturist programme on Friday.

An update from the DIPR on Saturday said that during the releasing programmed held at Doyang, Joint director Lotimenba urged the fisherman to continue to strictly follow the mesh size regulations and control the use of dynamite fishing in the area.

He revealed that the targeted quantity to be harvested during the year through this initiative will be approximately 88 metric tons. During the current annual plant 2019-20, a production of 9,448 is targeted.

Fingerlings being released at Doyang reservoir

It said that 12 MT is anticipated and in addition a bulk quantity of 3700MT fish is supplemented by importing from outside the state. To bridge gap, the department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources reportedly initiated the programme at Doyang, considering that it is the biggest water body in the state with tremendous potential of becoming a major contributor towards the improvement of state economy.

District Fishery Officer, Wokha Dory Yanthan acknowledged the District Anglers Wokha Nagaland (DAWN) and the fisherman community for assisting the department while releasing the fingerlings. Meanwhile DAWN and the fisherman community also appreciated Lotimenba and director Kevisa Kense initiating the programme.

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