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Last November, Instagram added a new feature called ‘Reels’ to its app, and made it available only to users in Brazil. Reels largely replicates the top features of TikTok. Instagram quickly rolled out Reels in India, soon after TikTok was banned in June. Here is everything you need to know about Reels

How to access Instagram Reels:

Reels feature is available on Instagram camera similar to Live, story and among others.

Reels feature is available on Instagram camera

Like the TikTok, Reels provide options like audio from Instagram Music library, speed, effects, and timer. Reels is only for making a 15 second video.

Click on Audio option and select or search a song from the Instagram music library. The user can also use original audio by simply recording a Reel

Reels also provide various AR effects to help users add a unique touch to their videos. To add AR effects users can open Reels camera, click on effects and then AR effects.

After recording a Reel, users can simply choose the audience they wish to share their Reel with. Unlike usual Instagram Stories, Reels can be shared in the Explore section and viewed by everyone on the platform.

Multiple 15 seconds Reels can also be recorded at once and different effects can be added to each clip. Reels can also be reviewed, deleted, and re-recorded if required.

Similar to TikTok, Reels come with a ‘Use Audio’ option which will let others use original audio to create their Reels.

Instagram reels options

How to watch Instagram Reels

  1. Open Instagram and browse your feed till you spot any Reels video. You will see the Reels icon on the bottom-left of the video. Tap that icon and it’ll take you to Reels only. The video will keep looping until you swipe down to watch more videos.

  2. An alternative way to watch Instagram Reels is to go to the Explore feed on Instagram by tapping the magnifying icon. You’ll see a giant Reels video at the top. Tap Reels and swipe down to watch more Reels videos.

  3. If you’ve posted Reels, you can also watch Reels by going to your profile page and tapping the Reels icon.

Instagram plans to launch its TikTok clone in the US and more than 50 other countries in August

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