The rhino near bandar dhubi area at Bagori Range yesterday on NH37
The rhino near bandar dhubi area at Bagori Range yesterday on NH37|Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve @kaziranga_

Exhausted rhino rests on highway outside Kaziranga National park

A rhino strayed out near bandar dhubi area at Bagori Range yesterday and was seek taking rest on NH37. The forest department is attempting to drive it back to a safer park area

Team EastMojo

Team EastMojo

Kaziranga national park is inundated with 95% of its area under water. The animals are having a tough time looking and swimming to safer areas. Today a rhino strayed out of the park near bandar dhubi area at Bhagori range. The video shared by park authorities shows the rhino resting on NH37. All precautions are being taken to ensure its safety and a plan is in place to drive it back into the park.

Meanwhile, in Kaziranga National Park, 86 animals have died due to the floods, and 125 animals have been rescued so far. Of the 223 camps, 80 camps are affected and 6 camps have been vacated, as reported by the DFO Eastern Assam Wildlife division.

Time cards have been issued to the vehicles plying on NH-37 for the safety of wild animals; as they have started moving towards higher ground crossing the national highway adjacent to Kaziranga National Park. Three hog deer have died in Kaziranga, and five were rescued. Forest guards have intesified patrolling on the highway to check poaching and capture of wild animals for illegal trade.

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