The world's first breakthrough was achieved by researchers at Monash University

New Delhi: Australian researchers have invented a test that can determine COVID-19 infection in just around 20 minutes using blood samples from humans. The world’s first breakthrough was achieved by researchers at Monash University where a simple 20-minute test can be used to determine if someone is currently infected or if they have been infected with novel coronavirus in the past.

Researchers in a paper published in journal ACS Sensors said “Short-term applications include rapid case identification and contact tracing to limit viral spread, while population screening to determine the extent of viral infection across communities is a longer-term need.”

The team of researchers led by BioPRIA and Monash University’s Chemical Engineering Department, including researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent BioNano Science and Technology (CBNS), devised the blood test.

The test uses 25 microlitres of plasma from blood and looks for clustering of red blood cells that is caused by coronavirus.

Presently, swab tests are used to identify people who are infected with coronavirus while this new blood test can also identify if someone has been infected and recovered.

With this new rapid blood test, hundreds of samples can be tested every hour and can accelerate the testing process for detecting novel coronavirus.

Researchers have filed a patent for the innovation and are looking for commercial and government support to scale up production.

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