Covid Care Centre at Lekhi village near Itanagar

Itanagar : A few Covid-19 patients who are currently under isolation at the State Quarantine Facility (SQF) in Lekhi near Itanagar have raised concerns over alleged poor facilities being provided to them.

According to the patients, “the SQF not just lacks basic facilities like proper drinking water and food, but also, not even a single person has visited them even once since they have been shifted to the facility.”

“As we have all tested positive for Covid-19, we have been kept in isolation here [in SQF]. It has been almost 24 hours but not even a single doctor or any other person has visited us or has asked us about our health,” one of the patients said.

One of the rooms used by COVID-19 positive patients in Covid Care Centre at Lekhi village

“Forget medicines or proper food, we have been asking for hot drinking water since morning but even that has not been provided. It feels like we are stray animals and were picked up from the road and thrown here to die,” the patients said.

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The patients added: “Though we are asymptomatic we believe we also need to maintain a good diet and also some care and push to fight this virus. Though we are getting packaged food for which we are grateful, we also need some motivation.”

Also, there is no one to speak to about our concerns or health or the steps we need to follow further to keep ourselves motivated so that we can recover from this virus, they added.

Meanwhile, health secretary P Parthiban, when contacted, said: “I would bring the matter to the knowledge of Itanagar Capital Region deputy commissioner Komkar Dulom and he would be in a better position to comment on it.”

Dulom, however, did not respond to any call or text messages sent to him via WhatsApp.

Sources in the health department informed that out of several doctors assigned for duty at the Covid Care Centre in Lekhi village, only two are regular with their work. The duo are not only responsible for patient routine checkups but also for tasks like data entry.

With 205 active cases, Capital complex has the highest number of COVID-19 positive cases in Arunachal Pradesh (till filling of this report). As of now, the state has 335 active cases, 153 recoveries and 3 deaths, the tally is at 491.

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