Deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong addressing a press meet on Friday

Shillong: The Meghalaya government on Friday directed the deputy commissioner of East Khasi Hills district to file FIR against the 41 attendees of the wedding at Greenwood Resort in Khanapara, Assam recently.

The entire episode has left the state residents concerned and alarmed as to how the 41 attendees managed to cross over to the neighbouring state of Assam to attend a wedding.

The issue came to light after an employee of the resort was found to be COVID-19 positive. Subsequently, two people who were part of the wedding party also tested positive.

Meanwhile, the state government decided to take the decision of filing FIR after the deputy commissioners of Ri Bhoi and East Khasi Hills submitted the magisterial inquiry report.

During a media briefing on Friday, deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong said that inquiry report has been received. “In the review meeting, we decided that immediate FIRs have to be filed by the DC of East Khasi Hills district against all 41 people who attended the marriage ceremony at Greenwood Resort in Khanapara.

When asked if the government could give more details on the detailed inquiry, Tynsong said that the government has been transparent enough and does not feel the need to share it.

When asked who was going to be held responsible for this and if the government was to be blamed, Tynsong was furious and said that if they were to be blamed then wpile the government file an FIR against itself, he asked.

“They have violated, so we have taken a decision that the DC has to file an FIR,” said Tynsong.

Concerning who had approved the passes, Tynsong said that the DC is the person concerned.

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When asked if the DC did not see that the person who had applied for the pass had written medical emergency but in the description had said ‘attending a wedding’, Tynsong said that it was never mentioned as medical emergency but the subject was just ‘attending a wedding’.

The government, however, has so far failed to give any clarity on how the people got the 41 passes.

Several questions are still left unanswered now. Was any higher-ups involved? If the five passes approved were strictly a transit pass or a one way pass, then how did they manage to bypass the entry gate?

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