Many organisations along with Kazakhstan's health department are studying the 'virus of this pneumonia', says a statement

New Delhi: China has warned the people of a new ‘unknown pneumonia’ spreading in Kazakhstan which is being deemed deadlier than COVID-19.

According to the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan, the ‘unknown pneumonia’ has caused 1,772 deaths during the first six months of 2020 including 628 in June. The Embassy in its statement also said that the fatalities included Chinese citizens as well.

“The fatality of the disease is much higher than COVID-19,” said media reports in China quoting the statement issued by the Embassy in Kazakhstan.

Adding to the statement, it said that many organisations along with Kazakhstan’s health department are studying the ‘virus of this pneumonia’.

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The Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan further quoted the local media and said that since mid-June, more than 500 died due to the unknown disease.

However, Kazakhstan has dismissed the claims by China and said that no new disease has spread in the country.

The Kazakhstan’s healthcare ministry branded the reports of ‘unknown pneumonia’ as fake and added that its tallies of bacterial, fungal and viral pneumonia infections, which also included cases of unclear causes, were in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

But It is still unclear whether the ‘unknown pneumonia’ the Chinese Embassy referred to was caused by a virus related to coronavirus or a different strain.

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