The special parottas are sold for Rs 50 for two pieces or one set at Hotel TempleCity

Guwahati: After witnessing a massive spike in the number of COVID-19 caes, a restaurant in Madurai, the temple city of Tamil Nadu started serving ‘mask parotta’ to spread awareness on the people.

The special mask parotta are being sold for Rs 50 for two pieces or one set at Hotel TempleCity.

According to reports, the idea was conceptualised keeping in mind the city’s love for parotta and the need to wear mask in public. The ingredients used for the innovatove parotta is same as the regular ones. Only the shape resembles that of a 3-ply mask.

The name sake restaurant has 11 branches across the city. And this is not the first COVID related innovation they’ve introduced in their menu. They also have corona rava dosa, corona bonda, and a herbal immunity boosting rasam.

with over 1,22,000 cases, Tamil Nadu is the second worst hit state by COVID-19 after Maharashtra.

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