Panelists include Karma Paljor, Pradip Phanjoubam, Patricia Mukhim, Afrida Hussain and Meghnad

New Delhi: The Media Rumble (TMR), an annual news media forum hosted by Newslaundry and Teamwork Arts, will stream its second session of ‘TMR Dispatches’ at 5 pm on Friday.

Focusing on east India, the session is titled, ‘We don’t need no mainstream: Our stories, our storytellers.’ The online series features ‘news’ that crisscrosses the north, east, west and south of India. It brings together leading news professionals from these regions to discuss larger news media trends and issues.

Panelists for the second session on Friday will include Karma Paljor, co-founder and director of Atvi Infotainment and editor-in-chief of EastMojo; Pradip Phanjoubam, author and editor of FPSJ Review of Arts and Politics; Patricia Mukhim, Padmashree Awardee and editor of The Shillong Times; Afrida Hussain, founder & editor-in-chief of INSIDENE; and Meghnad, former LAMP fellow who has worked with multiple MPs and is currently an associate editor at Newslaundry.

Newslaundry is an independent news, current affairs, and media analysis organisation. A multi-media news organisation, it is known for its media critique, ground reportage, podcasts, and digital shows and interviews.

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Additionally, for over 30 years, Teamwork Arts has taken India to the world and brought the world to India, presenting the finest of Indian performers, writers, and visual artists in the cultural and art space in India and abroad. Every year, they produce over 25 performing, visual arts, and literary festivals in several countries including Australia, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, the UK, and the USA as well as many eclectic festivals across India.

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The first session was hosted by Newslaundry’s executive editor, Manisha Pande, who was joined by Arfa Khanum Sherwani, senior editor at The Wire; Dr Himanshu Dwivedi, chief editor of Hari Bhoomi; Shahid Siddiqui, managing director and chief editor of Nai Duniya; and Sukirat, a writer and columnist from Punjab. The session acknowledged North India’s undisputed penetration into the news media and discussed several other subjects such as the Hindi media’s role and the still-prevalent upper-caste dominance in newsrooms.

The fourth edition of TMR, titled TMR@Online, will be a digital-only forum. Scheduled for September 2020, TMR@Online will feature conversations and discussions on some of the most pressing issues concerning news media. Among the themes that TMR will focus on this year will naturally be the overwhelming impact of COVID-19, acknowledging the role of “media front-line warriors” while also analysing the economic impact of the pandemic on the news media layoffs, ad-revenue trajectories and the need to rethink business models.

Sessions on the migration crisis, and how it was covered by the press will also be hosted. Also, topics such as gender and caste composition of Indian media houses, press freedom, hate news, and the future of news media in an age of digital transformation will feature at TMR@Online.

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‘TMR Dispatches’ upcoming schedule

Friday, July 24, 2020, 5 pm:

West India – Mumbai’s Lutyens: Is entertainment journalism all about access?

Friday, August 24, 2020, 5 pm

South India – Reclaiming centre space in news: A robust market and innovation hub

  • TMR@Online Schedule will be released closer to the date.

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