The incident is being claimed to have happened in Bangalore Credit: Twitter

New Delhi: An incident involving an owl and a mobile phone has left netizens amused and many are relating it to Harry Potter. The incident that is being claimed to have happened in Bangalore was posted on Twitter and it quickly caught the attention of the people.

“A friend of mine in Bangalore has the story of the day,” tweeted Chinmay Bhogle, cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle’s son, and shared a screenshot of an Instagram post from his friend.

Chinmay in his post wrote: “So, this happened. An owl threw this phone onto our terrace, last night. Yes, an owl. Yes, carrying a phone. I don’t know where it picked up this phone or to whom it belonged,” reads the caption. It then details how the phone is not charging and the screen is broken, so there is no way to identify the owner of the device. The caption ends with a funny line which reads “We’re officially at that point where owls bomb us in the middle of the night. 2020 is seriously weird.”

The post that was tweeted on July 7 has got over 2,700 likes and over 500 retweets. People were quick to immediately relate the incident with Harry Potter.

“Harry Potter is real!” wrote an excited Twitterati. “Please tell your friend to not ignore it, she or he probably got into 2020 Hogwarts! Time to use magical powers,” said another.

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