The chief minister said that there is political instability in the district councils due to the absence of the Anti-Defection Law/ PC: FIle Image Credit: Twitter

Shillong: After several messages on social media gained momentum over the brutal assault on five youths at Lawsohtun in Shillong on Friday, Meghalaya CM Conrad K Sangma has now condemned the act.

Taking to Twitter, Sangma said, “I strongly condemn the assault on 5 boys yesterday in Lawsohtun, Shillong. An assault on any citizen of the State irrespective of background or community will not be tolerated. Perpetrators of such heinous crimes will be charged by law. Action will be taken.”

Condemning the act, senior journalist Patricia Mukhim on Saturday posted on her social media page that what happened at Lawsohtun, where some non-tribal youths playing basketball were assaulted with lethal weapons and are now in hospital, is unacceptable in a state with a government and a functional police force.

Mukhim further mentioned that this continued attack on non-tribals in Meghalaya whose ancestors have lived here for decades, some having come here since the British period, is reprehensible to say the least. She addEd that the fact that such attackers and trouble mongers since 1979 have never been arrested and if arrested never penalised according to law suggests that Meghalaya has been a failed state for a long time now.

However, Mukhim’s post on social media did not go down well with the citizens of the state. Most of the people voiced out that it was not a communal conflict and did not need any communal colour to be added to the attack.

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Earlier on Friday, five youths at Lawsohtun locality were brutally thrashed by a gang of 20. The youths were attacked with iron rods and sticks, leaving the youths severely injured, with one of them even suffering a severe head injury.

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