Assam minister for food and civil supplies, Phani Bhushan Choudhury (left); DC, Kamrup (Metro) Biswajit Pegu also took part in the meeting Credit: Twitter

Guwahati: Following the massive price rise in food items in Guwahati ahead of the start of the ongoing 14-day lockdown, the Kamrup (Metro) district administration has fixed prices of potatoes and onions with immediate effect.

In a meeting, chaired by Assam minister for food and civil supplies, Phani Bhushan Choudhury, the Kamrup (Metro) administration has fixed the wholesale price of potatoes at Rs 24/kg and onion at Rs 23/kg with immediate effect. The retail price for both has been fixed at Rs 30/kg.

The meeting also elaborately discussed the price hike of onions and potatoes in retail market ahead of the ongoing lockdown. Participating in the meeting, representatives of the Kamrup Chamber Of Commerce assured the government that under any circumstances maximum wholesale price for potatoes (Bengal variety) and onions will not be more than Rs 24/kg and Rs 23/kg respectively.

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Participants during the meeting

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“Kamrup Chamber Of Commerce agreed to distribute the potatoes and onions to retailers in Kamrup (Metro) and Kamrup (Rural) in the above prices at all localities with the help of officers and area inspectors of the supply department. We appeal the retailers not to sell potatoes and onions at any price above Rs 30/kg for the next 10 days at least,” MP Jain, president of Kamrup Chamber Of Commerce said.

KCC has also announced that there is sufficient stock of potatoes and onions in city and the state; thus there is no need to resort to panic buying.

“All retailers should take proper bills from the wholesalers along with their contact details. This would help to maintain prices in the market. The wholesalers should also issue bill on every sale along with the name and contact details of the retailer,” the KCC president said.

He also said that sufficient food grains are available in the city and the state at least for the next three months. Also, food grain items are continuously coming in the state, and there is no scarcity of food grain items.

“We would like to appeal to the government to inform the district administration if any retailer is selling above the price as fixed by the administration,” Jain said.

Representatives of Kamrup (M) district administration, including DC Biswajit Pegu; senior officials of the food and civil supply department of the state also took part in the meeting among others.

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