After investigation it was found that this was a case of prank gone wrong

New Delhi: In a bizarre incident, a family of six in Uttar Pradesh had to be hospitalised after consuming an “aloo-methi” dish laced with cannabis. They were led to believe that the packet of leaves was methi aka fenugreek, instead of cannabis.

What was meant to be a prank went wrong when, after consumption, the family members complained of dizziness and asked their neighbours to call the hospital. Some of them even lost consciousness.

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According to local reports, a fellow resident of the Miyaganj village identified as Naval Kishore gave a packet of cannabis to Nitish claiming that it was methi. Nitish later took the packet to his house and gave it to his sister-in-law who also did not realise that what she made was ‘cannabis sabzi’ and not ‘aloo-methi.’

After some of the family members lost consciousness, the police were alerted and then were taken to the hospital. Upon investigation, the police found the unused cannabis near the dish and then joined the dots.

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The accused was tracked down by the police who later during interrogation revealed that it was a case of a prank gone wrong. The family as of now is out of danger as stated by the police.

A similar incident took place in August last year at Firozabad where a woman mistook the cannabis leaves for methi and served the same to her family. They were later hospitalised as well.

Excessive consumption of cannabis can cause anxiety and extreme psychotic reactions. This even causes an elevated heart rate which puts older people at risk due to heart attacks.

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