Sambit Patra, spokesperson of BJP

Guwahati: BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra was lambasted by netizens after he posted a photo where a little boy sat atop his dead grandfather’s body with a distasteful comment “Pulitzer lovers?” The photo is from the cross-firing incident which took place in Kashmir’s Sopore on Wednesday morning.

The politicisation of the photo triggered netizens who trashed Patra for his insensitivity. Politicians, journalists, celebrities and people from all walks of life called him out, yet the BJP leader continued to defend his action.

The image Sambit Patra shared on twitter

The BJP spokesperson’s tweet appears to be aimed at Indian Pulitzer prize winning journalists Dar Yasin, Mukhtar Khan and Channi Anand – for their feature photography from Kashmir after Government of India abrogated Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, and divided the state into 2 UTs.

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Sagarika Ghose wrote, “Heartless and hateful tweet @sambitswaraj. Intense human suffering and a grieving child, not the moment for nasty politics. Kindly delete”

Patra jumped replying, “Sagarika ji

Heartless is to endorse “Jihad” & “Terrorism” without a word. It takes heart to stand against Pak sponsored terrorism ..Well those who make a living out of intense human suffering should not counter posture when the picture does not fit into their AGENDA”

“Agenda?” ‘Jihad” “Pak sponsored” : so many harsh words for a 3 year old grieving over his dead grandfather. There is more to life than political point scoring Patra-Ji. Give politics a break, try some humanity instead,” replied the journalist.

Musician Vishal Dadlani made an appeal to Twitter to look into the sensitive material openly share by Patra, he wrote, “Can @TwitterIndia and @Twitter take cognisance of the sensitive material in the attached tweet and the hateful reason for this post, and take action against this man?

Also, can all right-thinking people with a sense of decency and empathy, please report his account? Thanks.”

Author Aatish Taseer tweeted: “If a single tweet could capture the utter moral destitution that Modi has wrought in India, this is it. Here is his party spokesman glorying in the sight of a little boy with the body of his dead grandfather, killed in crossfire in Kashmir.”

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta wrote, “This man who is supposed to be a spokesperson for the ruling party but is nothing but a troll and chronic abuser must be reported.” Patra in his defence said, “If I post a pic of an Indian grandfather-grandson who are victims of terrorism & question the Pulitzer gang I am an Abuser??”

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