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Kohima: Nagaland just got its one-stop online portal for all music and art happenings in the state after the Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA) launched its official website www.tafma.org at RCEMPA, Kohima on Wednesday.

Addressing the launch of the website, adviser to Chief Minister, Abu Metha, said that as the world is challenged with the COVID-19 pandemic, every challenge has thrown upon new opportunities and new challenges and people, countries and organisations who are innovative, adapts to the situation and find new ways to overcome the hurdles. “It is these people who stay ahead and will again lead others to new normal circumstances” he said.

Congratulating the TaFMA, Metha acknowledged them for moving ahead with “new ideas and out-of-the-box approaches”. “I can say with confidence and place on record that of the so many departments here in Nagaland, I think TaFMA has shown the way — come up with new programmes, reached out to immeasurable numbers of the industry and beyond not just in the state but beyond our borders with the message of music, arts,” he added.

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Adviser to chief minister Abu Metha launched the website on Wednesday at TRCEMPA, Kohima

He also lauded TaFMA for creating a “wonderful air of positivity and an environment of hope using the universal language of music and the arts”. As Arts and music knows no boundaries and language, and further transcends all hurdles, he said that this concept has been “well understood by the leadership of TaFMA.”

With all praises, Metha revealed that other agencies and people have acknowledged and appreciated the government of Nagaland for the initiatives done through TaFMA.

He went on to say that TaFMA has broken new ground by using the platforms of technology and internet to reach out to wider audiences as it kept in mind the “scope, dynamics and possibility of the internet” taking the challenge of the present situation as an opportunity.

A screen grab of the portal featuring the Tetseo Sisters as ‘Artist of the month’

Metha also challenged the team to find new ways to promote and provide opportunities for musicians, create vistas for artists and to play a contributing role in the new economy of Nagaland. He expressed desire to see “Nagaland as one of the capitals of art and music not just in the country but in the entire Asian region”.

“We are already home to one of the biggest music festivals, Hornbill Music Festival but that was then, when people walked in for shows, with physical tickets and participated physically. This is now. Time and dynamics have changed in weeks and months,” he said.

TaFMA has once again been a torch bearer and a leader for Nagaland using this new platform and technology, he said. He also encouraged the youth of Nagaland to participate in the new challenge so that Nagaland remain one of the torchbearers of the music industry across the country and across the region.

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“Our young musicians are immensely talented and it is our duty and responsibility to create opportunities for them” he said further emphasizing that music and arts should no longer remain a hobby and a recreational activity, but to pursue it as a professional opportunity.

As he urged every member of the music industry to come together under one collective banner and be member of team Nagaland, Metha said “we want music to be a strong arm of the Nagaland economy…It is a collective endeavor and teamwork that will ensure success for everybody.”

He hoped that arts and music will lead the state and its people in a direction where the world will know about it for good things.

Advisor to TaFMA, Theja Meru revealed that although the launching of the website has been a long cherished dream, the need has been felt even more at the present situation as the world adapts to “new normal” circumstances.

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